Covid 19 and booking Glenmore Manor

At Glenmore Manor caring for our guests and staff is our priority. As the situation around Covid is continually evolving; we are continually reviewing our procedures and processes and amending as necessary to mitigate potential risks. While we have introduced different things to augment the work, there are three areas we want to highlight with you.

1 Deep sanitising

Maintaining high standards of hygiene in Glenmore manor has always been a priority for us. Since Covid 19 we have introduced additional measures alongside the deep sanitation that is performed before your arrival. This means a longer turnaround between guests.

  1. Track and Trace

Guests must fill in our tracks and trace form which will be stored temporarily.

  1. Following local health guidelines.

Since reopening we have maintained regular contact with local authorities on the latest health guidelines. This might mean changes in our booking policy from day to day depending on the current environment. We will keep our guests informed throughout the process.

Be assured that during your stay we are taking all possible steps to minimise risk and we will continue to monitor the current situation to protect our guests and staff. We're more than happy to talk you through any concerns ahead of your stay, talk to us today.